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Google announced, on Google+, a new distance report and bidding options based on the distance of the searcher to the advertiser’s location. The new distance report displays impressions, clicks, conversions and more based on the distance of the searcher to the advertisers' local business in miles. This will show you if customers closer to you will convert more over customers who are far away.

Google is also expanding their location extension bidding options to help advertisers in bidding differently, in the same campaign, for customers who are closer versus those who are further away.

Google mentioned consumers search online for local information almost every day. BIA Kelsey in a survey found 94% of the consumers depend on the internet for local shopping. With the improved location extensions, it will become easier for consumers to visit and discover your business locations.

The distance report for location extensions gives the advertisers an understanding of where their ads with location extensions are most effective. It displays impressions, clicks, and costs for varying distances around business locations, starting from 0.7 miles to more than 40 miles. This data will be helpful to advertisers in deciding whether to set a higher bid for customers within four miles or a lower bid for customers, 20 miles away. Advertisers can find the report on the Dimensions tab in their account.

Improved targeting options offer more flexibility to advertisers for optimizing their targeting and bid adjustments for location extensions. It will now be easier to set the right radius for their location extension address. Previously, the same target radius was used for all location extensions in a campaign. Now advertisers can create location extension with different radii for targeting and bidding based on their business location.

For example: users will behave differently on seeing the same ad in Texas vs. New York. Advertisers can create a location extension target of 10 miles around their businesses in Texas and set a bid adjustment of +10%. In the same campaign, a location extension target of 5 miles can be created around their business in New York, and a bid adjustment of +20% can be set.

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