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Now get a snapshot view of all your keywords at the same time with a new set of columns in your keywords report tabs. Google AdWords yesterday announced on Google+ that it has added a new set of columns to Keywords table to give a fuller view of the Bid Simulator and allow advertisers to build a neat and new report. The Bid Simulator section is featured in the Customize Columns menu.

Google AdWords Launches New Bid Simulator Columns to Keywords Report Tabs

The new columns enable advertisers to download Bid Simulator estimates across MCC managed accounts and filter the keywords based on those estimates. Marketers can also use the Bid Simulator estimates with automated rules to save their time. Automated rules make automatic changes to your account depending on the settings you choose.

By adding estimates for clicks and cost in the Keywords tab, you can get keyword level click and cost estimates for all qualifying keywords in your account. The new columns show the best estimates for the additional clicks and their associated costs that you might have received in the last 7 days if you had bid at:

  • 50% lower than your base bid
  • 50% higher than your base bid
  • 300% higher than your base bid
  • At your top of page bid estimate

These points show a range of high to low values across a broad set of keywords and highlight which keywords have the highest chances of drawing traffic to your site. This means no more clicking of the bid simulator icon for each keyword separately. But you can still generate a full Bid Simulator report for individual keywords if you want to get detailed information on specific keywords.

Recently, Bing Ads also rolled out the new Bid Landscape tool, very much similar to the Bid Simulator, to educate advertisers on how different estimated bids influenced their impressions and clicks in the last seven days.

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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