Mar 9, 2006 114 reads by Candid SEO

Google has recently launched a demographic site targeting. So, the next time you open up your Adword account, don't be surprised if the window inside your adword account says "Want to reach 18-24 year-olds, or women with children? Site tool demographic match your ad with your audience." A study shows that Comscore Networks provides a detailed demographic information for the sites. This clearly tells that hardly any meaningful data will be available for the smaller sites.

 The new improved functionality for the site selection tool is only recommended for targeting the content of the "site targeting" variety. For example, if you look for multiple demographics, the Adword system would search for sites that match your requirements. Isn't it great! If you explore more on it, then you would find an entirely different site selection tool that include three steps for you to advertise on the site: by URL, by topic, or by demographics. It seems that this feature would continue to improve in its structure.Bravo!

In the past several years, the demographic site targeting has not being doing so well for the regular content targeting. The problem lies in the fact that the tool has difficulties in searching for appropriate sites in the network. May be in near future Google would concentrate more on the enhancement of its network, and ability of publishers to have a better communication with the advertisers.

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