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AdWords advertisers can now use ‘upgraded URLs’ for tracking parameters, as announced by Google. In beta for API users for months, the upgraded URLs are set to roll out globally.

The algorithm will treat the landing page URL and the tracking parameters that make up the destination URL separately. Changes doe in tracking won’t necessarily send the ads back into editorial review, while sustaining the ad history and stats.

Tracking parameters can be scaled across various levels of accounts and new custom tracking parameters set up.

If an advertiser is using auto-tagging in Google AdWords, the change would not have any effect on the accounts, the way destination URLs are handled or the data that gets passed to Google Analytics. However, using ValueTrack and custom parameters may help gain more information about the ad performance. Google is likely to do away with the Destination URL option later this year.

Rather than setting the Destination URL, the advertiser will define the landing page in the new ‘Final URL’ field. It may include redirects within the domain along with tracking parameters.

In the URL Options section, the advertiser can scale tracking changes with the new tracking template and custom parameter fields. Tracking parameters can be managed separately across various levels of account without any need to reset the stats.

The tracking template guides AdWords about assembling the URLs, enabling advertisers to scale tracking parameter updates across multiple URLs. ValueTrack parameters can be coupled with other tracking parameters to create the actual URL associated with an ad.

The new custom parameters let advertisers create own tracking criteria and set specific values for them. Three custom parameters in the URLs options section can be set up.

Tracking templates can be accessed at all levels: account, campaign, ad group, ad keyword, auto target and sitelink. Setting up tracking templates and custom parameters at higher-level entities restrains creation of new ads while minimizing the number of tracking updates that need to be managed.

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