Mar 22, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

A recent study indicates that Google has made its Adwords keyword research tool accessible from other Adwords accounts. To add more to its features comes the seasonal search volume data which is meant for the global as well as local searches. The main function of the Keyword Tool will be producing efficient keywords for a better campaign performance which would also report its Google statistics. However, it is not gauranteed that the usage of the keyword tool would improve the performance of your campaign completely.

In today's scenario, the search engine wars continue to pave their way in order to mark their places as leaders in the SEO race. MSN Vs Google or MSN Vs Yahoo!, the competion has come to a point where each of them are trying to prove it big in the SEO market, whatsoever the reason be. However, a suggestion passed by a Aron Wall, one of the most vocal search engine marketers said that MSN could possibly make a default keyword research tool to follow up Google. Well, its seems to be a good idea for MSN, What say?

However, the new features in Google Adwords research tool include, seasonal data, and data by match type, and surprisingly the data is easy to export as well. Interesting! No matter who wins the race but it looks as if in their war for position, Users will be benefited the most.

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