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Google Adwords for Video program is out of the group testing phase and has been ‘officially’ launched. As the blog post on the YouTube blog said, now the paid search advertising model has been integrated with video content. Advertisers can now promote their businesses with new ad formats and bidding models. Advertising is expected to go to the next level by being targeted, affordable as well as measurable for businesses. 

The Google AdWords for Video program was launched with a test group in September 2011 and now the platform has been open for all. Now, advertisers’ video ads based on keywords will appear during relevant video searches and the entire view/payment procedure works pretty much the same way as text ads. 

Now businesses can get the visual exposure at lesser costs than the huge budgets of TV ad campaigns. Google has integrated the in-depth approach of paid search advertising with the appeal of video content and video advertising as an option is available, cost effective and measurable for businesses. 

Improved Targeting on YouTube

The good news for advertisers is the sharper targeting option that is available for them on YouTube. Campaigns running on YouTube can now demographically target 10 times more users on the platform. 

Similar to text ads (pay per click), advertisers will only pay per-view of their video ad (irrespective of how many times the ad is flashed). There is also the TrueView pricing policy, which is in favor of the advertisers, as they only pay when a user watches their entire video ad. Now, advertisers can choose from the four types of TrueView ad formats to decide where on YouTube and the Google Display Network (GDN), they want their ads to be displayed:

  • In-stream
  • In-search
  • In-slate 
  • In-display

As is clear from the names, these formats decide if your ad will appear in the pre-roll, in search results, as post roll or in the related videos section.

To get started, advertisers will need a YouTube account and they can link it to AdWords.Google.com/Video. As a launching push, Google is also giving away a total of $50 million in free advertising credits worth $75 per account.

Advanced Features in AdWords for Video

Google has officially launched AdWords for video with a number of new features that will allow advertisers to target and study the impact of their video ads. 

TrueView Format Selector – You can choose the right type with the four TrueView ad formats. This means that if you opt out of in-search ads, then it means you will have somewhat opted in to the Google Display Network

Demographic Targeting – Thanks to Google’s new all-in-one privacy policy across all Google accounts, you can now target video ads by age and gender in every Google product. 

Demographic Targeting

Interest/Topic Targeting – On YouTube the interest/topic targeting will have wider impact. You have no need for the separate YouTube Video Targeting Tool now as it has been merged with the AdWords for Video interface.

Downstream Video Analytics – There is a reporting feature that shows you what the users watched when they arrived on your channel through an ad. Now you can place and ad, get traffic and built viewership on your YouTube channel. 

Advanced Bidding –  This works around user engagement features like video shares and +1 button clicks.

YouTube has also plans of launching a playbook for advertisers, that will bring forth the strategies adopted by their most successful video advertisers. What do you think of the these new improved targeting features? Do share your views.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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