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After the Parking Location Cards and the Searchable Mall Directories, Google has once again updated the Google Search for Android, this time with a new shopping feature. The shopping card allows users to know about nearby stores selling products they have been recently searching for online.

Google Now Alerts Android Users on Nearby Stores Selling Products They Have Been Searching Online

The announcement came as a Google+ post in which Google confirms that now all you have to do is just pop into the store and find out if what you are looking for is in stock. However, it doesn't clarify how long it will remember which products you have searched for or if there is a limit to the number of items it will keep a track of.

How does the new shopping card work?

Google tracks the products that you have been searching for online and links them to your account. If one of those items that you have been looking for is sold at a store near you, you will receive an alert. The alert will show you the location of the nearest store that sells that product and the price of that item. One of the major snags of the feature is that it fails to tell you if the item is in stock right now or not.

In case you are planning to buy a gift for someone and you don't want them to get a clue by seeing the alert on your phone, you can configure the Google Now card to make sure that it does not get shared. To do this you have to switch of the tracking by accessing the settings for the app.

It is still unclear whether only some retailers have forged partnerships with Google to get featured in the alerts, and whether Google will play bias on certain retailers who have entered into a partnership with Google to appear more often in alerts than others who haven't. Whatever the case may be, right now what you have to do is just update your Google Search app for android.

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