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Now if by some chance you forget the Google Analytics tracking code of your landing pages or the code gets botched, Google Analytics has an update to fix this error. Google announced on the Analytics blog post that it will now diagnose the tracking code on your site to identify the pages which have bungled tracking code or filters that conflict.

Google Analytics Launches Beta Diagnostics to Diagnose Tracking Codes on Your Page for Errors

Google will be conducting a beta test with a certain set of users to find the causes of data discrepancies and help you fix them. Google confirmed in the blog post that Analytics Diagnostics will frequently scan your site and inspect for problems related to site tagging, account configurations, tracking code and reporting data. Analytics Diagnostics will diagnose things like:

  • Missing or malformed Analytics tags
  • Filters that conflict
  • Presence of other entries in reports

Google said that it will not launch the new feature to all users until it receives more feedback and improves the system. However, if you are very eager to try out the diagnostics system, you can do so on your own GA accounts by filling up a request form for Analytics Diagnostics Beta signup. Use this link to access the request form for trying out Google Analytics Diagnostics.

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