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The Analytics team has made up gradations to the advanced segmentation features in Google Analytics. The first change is the new interface that eases down the process of making a segment. The second improvement is the change in the way you can segment.

Google Analytics Upgrades the Advanced Segments!

Users will see some serious changes in the process of creating a new segment or selecting in-built advanced segments in the new interface. Although, the segmentation interface is less color but more compartmentalized.

Google Analytics Upgrades the Advanced Segments!

A new bar also appears in the reporting area instead of the advanced segments button. There is a small button with a downward facing arrow on the new bar, which opens the advanced segments interface. The icons that represent each segment appear to the right. The icon also has donut graphs with labels to indicate the percent of population represented by the segment.

The biggest change is not the interface but in the creation of the segments. Earlier the advanced segments were created on the basis of visits and not actual users. With the up gradation, the segments will be based on individual users.

The Difference

The target audience usually has different user personae and now each persona will receive a different message.

For example, a product might look appealing to early adopters, loyal fans, and cost-conscious consumers but each of the personas will spend differently. In the true marketing segmentation, you can group different user groups on the basis of a common set of preferences and also draft different messages for each segment.

Users will be provided with three basic choices in segmentation by visits in the web analytics:

  • Acquisition method
  • Goal completions (macro-conversions)
  • On-site engagement (micro-conversions)

Categorizing visitors on the basis of clicks from an ad campaign might form a group that consists of all the three segments discussed above. If your web analytics data is based on users, you will get a better idea of who all users are coming back. As a result, you can craft their return visit messaging or retargeting appropriately.

True cohort analysis can also be performed by users.

However, when you are creating segments on the basis of users, you can only look at the user segments made in past 90 days. There's no such limit for traditional visit segments.

The sequence segments will let you track the users based on the multiple visits and their on-site behaviors & purchases. You will be able to use Google Analytics to analyze long-term value of an online customer more accurately. The feature is beneficial for websites that have short sales cycles and multiple purchase options.


Google has simplified the process of creating advanced segments faster with six templates:

  • Technology
  • Demographics
  • Date of first visit
  • Behavior
  • eCommerce
  • Traffic Sources

You can also combine the configurations in multiple templates to create a segment that fits into your requirements.

Another interesting feature is the date of first visit in the filtering options. If you run a campaign and see a delay between initial campaign & the time of purchase, the feature can be useful for you. 

Google Analytics Upgrades the Advanced Segments!

It will let you see visitors who initially came from a campaign and track their progress through:

  • Multiple impressions of the campaign
  • How it leads to conversions

The changes will be slowly rolled out to users in the next few months.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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