Google Has Announced AMP For Ads and Landing Pages!

Jul 20, 2016 | 1,131 views | by Ritu Sharma
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Google announced at the DoubleClick Leadership Summit that soon the advertisements on AMP pages will load as fast as the content itself.

In a live demonstration, Paul Muret, VP of Display, Video & Analytics at Google, showed that AMP within a second but the advertisement at the top took 4 seconds to load.

This delay in loading of ads may decrease the CTR because by the time the ad loads, user may have scrolled down the page and missed it. To solve this problem, Google has announced AMPs for ads.

Muret laid stress on the need of real fast end-to-end experience for users. Fast ads should lead to fast loading landing pages. For this Google is introducing AMP landing pages.

The date for the roll out of AMP ads and landing pages has not been announced as yet, but it is being tested by a few adopters already, Washington Post being one of them.

24.thumbnail Google Has Announced AMP For Ads and Landing Pages!
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