Oct 2, 2014 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

Google has launched a new feature for Shopping that helps prevent Product Listing Ads (PLAs) being disapproved because of price mismatches between the PLA feed and the site’s microdata.

Termed automatic item updates, it can be enabled by merchants if they implement schema.org microdata for Google shopping products.

Until now, it was for the advertisers to ensure that the pricing microdata of the siteconcurred with the prices on their PLAs. If they didn’t update Google about the new price at the earliest, it would often lead to the ad being disapproved.

Automating item updates will do away with latency issues between updates on the website and the data submission to Google Shopping. For instance, if the data feed contains an item costing $10, but the product landing page lists it at $8, the system will update the item to $6 on Google Shopping on its own.

This step of Google is sure to make things better for the shoppers as well, who often found the discrepancy confusing. The feature is currently only for price and availability.

According to Google, merchants participating in the upgrade Beta saw a 50% reduction in price-related item disapprovals.

The upgrade is expected to lead to an improved user experience and higher conversion rate. However, if the mismatches are too many, the automatic item updates will stop working and the account may attract disapproval.

Google opined that the new feature would help advertisers cope with the upcoming holiday season.It would make things easier for shoppers, merchants as well as Google.

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