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None of us like waiting. Faster is always better. However, a big drawback is the network connections that are often slow and getting information on your phone becomes a frustrating and tough task.

So, Google is exploring new ways to speed up the things. In the upcoming two weeks, we’ll introduce a new feature that will fasten things up. So, if you happen to be in India with an Android phone on a slow connection like 2G then you’ll notice the pages loading at a faster rate while using far less data via your Chrome or Android browser from Google’s search results. There’s more on how it works in the Webmasters blog.

Though it’s quite early to say anything but their field test in Indonesia showed that the new light pages load four times faster and use 80% less data than before. The traffic to webpages increased by more than 50%. And if you prefer to see the original page then you can select that option at the top of your page.

Google Announces Faster And Lighter Mobile Web Pages In India!

Google is working hard towards making the access to internet faster and more affordable from a smartphone. After all more than 200 million Indians access the internet from their smartphones and if each of these users spend just 1 extra second waiting for the page to load then that adds up to more than two and a half years of people waiting every day.

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Navneet Kaushal
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Navneet Kaushal
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