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Google recently announced on Google+ that it will be renaming a few columns within Google AdWords. The search engine giant has made this announcement at a forum discussion which was recently centered on this topic.

It also reported that this naming convention has a high level of consistency with Google Analytics. During the forum discussion, Google declared that,”three of the Google Analytics reporting columns in AdWords will be re-named to match the corresponding column names in Google Analytics.”

As to where the changes are occurring, Google disclosed this as well during the forum discussion. One of the columns which is changing is the Pages/Visit to Pages/Session. Another is the average visit in durations (which is within seconds) to average session duration(also within seconds). Finally the third column which is changing is the percentage of new visits to the percentage of new sessions.

In case the internal reporting tools reference the previous names, it is recommended that users update them before the reports break. Google has announced that these changes will take place with effect from November 10 this year. Google has also indicated that the change is in keeping with the intention of keeping the names as they appear in the Analytics itself. Those using AdWords scripts or macros for automating reporting downloads should be ready for the change come November 10.

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