Google Answers Spins Off New Services

Jan 3, 2007 | 148 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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Google Answers, a fee-based answer brokering search and research service of Google Inc., has been closed down permanently last month. However, some of the vibrant answers are available for the users in a standard Google search interface.

David Sarokin, a former Google Answer researcher, has started up a new service The new site features some already-answered questions and additional details on the service. It archives some of the important Google Answer services.

Like David, Andy Czernek is also using Google Answer service in a new site It links 365 facts associated with Google Answers date-wise to prepare a full calender year schedule. It is quite interesting to note the fact that answers service is still popular despite Google's reluctance to go ahead with it.

4.thumbnail Google Answers Spins Off New Services

Navneet Kaushal

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4.thumbnail Google Answers Spins Off New Services
4.thumbnail Google Answers Spins Off New Services