Google Benefited From Film Piracy?

Feb 13, 2007 | 1,359 views | by Navneet Kaushal
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It is apparent that the complicated acquisition of YouTube by Google will become more and more tense. According to a report published by Wall Street Journal, some of major media companies have impeached Google for providing business support to two websites that allegedly allow illegal video download. Google is also accused of offering such sites with advertising keywords, for which registration is required, to assist them to market their services. 

The outburst comes at a time when Google is attempting to convince major companies like Viacom  and Disney that it can monitor and filter out unauthorized content from YouTube. If Google is successful in convincing them and forming partnerships then Google would be able to share a part of the revenue generated from their content which would be showcased on YouTube. Google would then be in a position to share revenue from advertising related to the content.

4.thumbnail Google Benefited From Film Piracy?

Navneet Kaushal

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4.thumbnail Google Benefited From Film Piracy?
4.thumbnail Google Benefited From Film Piracy?