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Nearly two months after Google introduced Dynamic Sitelinks, Bing has decided to follow suite. Bing Ads in its blog post announced the debut of Dynamic Sitelinks to enhance the ad relevance of small and medium businesses via surfing related and useful sitelink information. .

Dynamic Sitelinks helps potential customers in evaluating what a website has to offer after clicking through. This saves time and gives advertisers more relevant customer opportunities. Dynamic Sitelinks are new annotations which helps Bing Ads in creating content for businesses from the content which is already on their page.

Dynamic Sitelinks enhance and enrich the information which the advertiser has already supplied as copy and headline. Any clicks that occur on the Dynamic Sitelinks appearing within the ad are not chargeable at all.

After Google, Bing Ads Debuts Dynamic Sitelinks in the U.S.

Content which is highly relevant to a user’s search query is taken from the landing pages of the ads through the Bing algorithm. This provides potential customers with a sneak peek at some more specific information when they click through a site. This supplementary information can be quite useful in attracting more clicks and also increase the confidence of the user in the relevancy of an ad at no cost to the advertiser.

Based on internal data collection in the US, Bing advertisers whose ads feature Dynamic Sitelinks can along with increasing the size of their mainline ads, can also see an increase in click through rates of up to 14%.

As per the announcement, Dynamic Sitelinks will now start rolling out to U.S. advertisers and will be completed before the holidays.

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