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Google has announced the shut-down of Freebase, an open source repository of facts that helps in feeding knowledge graph.

Here's what Google said on G+:

"We've decided to help transfer the data in Freebase to Wikidata, and in mid-2015 we'll wind down the Freebase service as a standalone project".

The data won't be lost but transferred to Wikidata, the Foundation project of Wikimedia. It has its own API so developers who want to retrieve facts can do it automatically, as they did with Freebase. So, Google will also be pulling data from Wikidata to power Knowledge Graph.

Here's the timeline of what is changing and by when with Freebase:

Before the end of March 2015 – Wikidata import review tool will be launched. Also an announcement of transition plan for Freebase Search API & Suggest Widget for Knowledge Graph-based solution has been made.

On March 31, 2015 – Freebase will become a read-only service and the website will not accept edits. The MQL will be retired.

On June 30, 2015 – The Freebase website and APIs will be retired. The last Freebase data dump will remain available but developers must check out the Wikidata dump.

We know that Freebase had a committed volunteer base. When a community changes ownership, there are chances that volunteers will stop updating the data. Also, we still do not know if migrating to Wikidata will make it difficult for the volunteers to update the data.

We still cannot predict if the shut-down of Freebase will make it difficult for people to influence the Knowledge Graph for a better or poor experience.

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