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Google's Head of Search Spam, Matt Cutts, confirmed today at the Search Marketing Expo that Google uses “Author Ranks” to determine which articles to show in the in-depth articles section. Cutts verified that the system is used specifically within the “in-depth” articles category.

The question was motivated by a tweet from Matt Cutts:

@marktraphagen to be fair, it does come into play in some ways. For example, in-depth articles use that data, I'm pretty sure.

Google Confirms the Use of “Author Ranks” Within In-Depth Articles Category

Google launched the in-depth articles feature back in 2013 only for broad topics and themes and did not cover every query. The main aim was to surface highest quality in-depth articles from the entire web, whether from a newspaper website or a personal blog. Late in 2013, Google also expanded its in-depth articles category by adding a link to “More in-depth articles” under the main block. The new feature displayed an additional list of 10 more articles. Apart from this, the “Explore” option was added just below the in-depth article, to explore related topics based on different keywords.

With Google confirming the use of “Author Ranks” in the in-depth articles category, the prospects of Google releasing an update in which the search algorithm uses the authority of an author to display results rises. It is expected that Google will launch an update in which it gives higher ranking to the content of a more authoritative and respected author.

Matt Cutts has already announced in 2013 that Google is working on an algorithm to determine which site is a subject authority. In a Webmasters Help video that was released last year, Cutts had confirmed that Google is trying to give authorities in a particular subject a ranking boost. Cutts had said:

We are doing a better job of detecting when someone is sort of an authority in a specific space. It could be medical, it could be travel, whatever. And trying to makes sure that those rank a little more highly, if you are some sort of authority or a site that according to the algorithms we think might be a little bit more appropriate for users.

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