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Google+ and Gmail are getting closer, as Google has reported about an update that will allow Google+ contacts to show up in drop-down, when communication through Gmail.

Google Connects Gmail & Google+

It is a great addition for the users who got all the information about a person they were searching for, other than his/her email id.

How is the Feature Going to Work?

Using the feature is simple as you just have to type the name of the email recipient. People who have allowed their email ids to be shared with you will pop up with a normal Google look. Moreover, Google has ensured that you have the proper control of who your information is shared with. If you want to keep your email id to yourself, this will be of great help. Moreover, only users in your circle (you allow) can see the email option, when adding recipients to their messages.

Google Connects Gmail & Google+

The update also integrates new inboxes built into Gmail.

When someone in your circle sends you an email, the message will appear in Primary category. In case you don't have that person in the circle, it will reflect in the Social category and the person will be able to start conversation only if you respond or add him into your circle. The feature will help combat spam.

Google Connects Gmail & Google+

Can Anyone Message Me, if I have Gmail & Google+ Account?

The answer is yes. Google will be sending out email to all the users having a Gmail account, explaining how the new feature works. Google has also told that "Anyone on Google+" will have the access to the feature, after viewing the email sent by someone.

Here's how the notifications that Google are sending out look:

Google Connects Gmail & Google+

Different setting options users can control, if they want to opt-out or keep themselves limited:

  • Anyone on Google+
  • Extended Circles
  • Circles
  • No one

A Large Number of Followers

If you have lots of followers, you will be treated differently by Google. The default setting will change to "only get messages from those in the circle".

Google has said that you won't get the messages, unless you have both: Gmail and Google+ account.

Google has said that it will be rolling out the features in the next few days to Gmail and Google+ users by sending an email with a link to turn on the settings.

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