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Google is now getting into the content recommendation with a new tool for AdSense publishers. The newly launched Matched Content will give publishers access to the familiar style of widget that appears at the bottom articles.

Google Gets Into Content Recommendation For AdSense Publishers!

For now, Google’s version includes only internal links within a publisher’s site. Keeping visitors on the site increases ad views, increasing chances for ad clicks. But it’s a thought that Google might expand this functionality in the future to include paid links to external sites services such as OutBrain and Taboola or ads in the fashion of Yahoo Recommends, which includes links advertisers’ sites via native ads.

Google’s entry in this domain is quite late, but an easy implementation and the prospect of increasing page views and ad revenue may get many AdSense publishers already using a competing content recommendation engines — or the related posts widget in WordPress — to flip the switch on Matched Content in their accounts.

Google recommends this tool for sites with long-form content containing associated images. It also recommends publishers place the unit above or below an AdSense ad unit because “Matched content units can improve the visibility and engagement rate of your ad units”.

Matched content units also have their own reporting metrics, centered around content engagement rather than revenue.

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