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Google has announced an improvement to the way ads look on smartphones. From October 15, 2014 the ad extensions will appear instead of the second line of ad text on your mobile search ads. The second line of the description may or may not appear, depending on how well it is expected to perform.

Google Cuts-Off Ad Text to Highlight Extensions in Mobile Search Ads

For ex., earlier, those who searched for “flowers” on Google could see the the first ad, showing the website URL, two lines of description and a link to place an order. Now you may see a Google Maps marker, showing the business location, the website URL, ad creative along with an online order form. Just one single click and you can now directly engage with the business in three ways: you can visit their mobile site, place an order, or get directions to the store.

Google says this update aims to make it easier and faster for consumers to find things they are searching for using their mobile. By showing the ad extensions in place of the second line of your ad description, advertisers will be able to see improved ad performance, because this will:

  • Highlight the information that matters the most to the users by using callouts
  • Provide location information with the help of location extensions
  • With the help of sitelinks customers will be taken to relevant pages of your site like the sales page

According to Google, no specific action is required for these improvements but you can always follow these best practices for mobile ads:

  • The most important line of your ad should be the first line which should not exceed 35 characters in length.
  • All relevant extensions should be enabled to increase CTRs and help users find information easily.
  • Mobile preferred creatives should be used to help consumers take an action quickly.

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