Jul 8, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Todd Malicoat believes that Google places too much weight on "trust factors" when determining if a page should rank well or not. He posted The Trust Knob is WAY too High – Google Trustbox to prove it. Todd quotes some well-known SEOs saying that trust factors are weighted at 85%, whereas copy is only given 15%.

 One of the extremely big problems with trust filters is that they don’t seem to be retroactive…meaning that sites that were around and trusted BEFORE a particular filter was established can basically get away with murder (and they do).

The trust factors as follows; web site age, total number of backlinks and the overall age of those links and total “trustscore” of other backlinks (i.e. the number of .edu's, .gov's, and high pagerank links). He argues that new sites are not given a "fair shot."

Why not give Joe's ultra amazing toothpaste (the company with very little marketing budget because they spend their money making an amazing product) a chance to rank high for "toothpaste" for just a little bit longer instead of HELPING companies who've been spending millions of dollars on their "brand" instead of their product for the last decade or more?

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