Google Desktop out of Beta

Mar 16, 2006 | 1,385 views | by PageTraffic
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Finally, it has been announced by Google that their desktop searching application Google Desktop is out of beta. A new helpful feature has also added to this application. This feature would enable the users to get access to the search box in the middle of their screen. Just press control key two times and get it. Now, don't worry to expend valuable taskbar real estate on a search bar. Just click twice and get the desired results. This step would definitely make quick searches easy.

According to this blog, posted by Google guys:

It’s very accessible — all you have to do is press your Ctrl key twice. After some experimentation, people are telling us they like it and use it. That’s why we’re adding it to Google Desktop.

Get ready to have a whole new experience with Quick Search Box.

3.thumbnail Google Desktop out of Beta


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3.thumbnail Google Desktop out of Beta
3.thumbnail Google Desktop out of Beta