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Google now allows businesses to connect their Google+ page to their local business listing on Google Maps. Connecting the page to Google Maps will add all the information provided in Google Maps about your business, including the address, reviews, working hours and more to your page. Google has given detailed instructions on how to connect the page to Google Maps in the Help section.

How to Connect My Google+ Page to Google Maps?

If you do not have a Google+ page for your local business, create and verify one, for it to appear on Google Maps. In case your local page isn’t showing up in Google Maps, make sure you have verified it. Unless you have verified it, any edit made by you will not appear on Maps. But before this, make sure your business meets Google’s quality guidelines. Follow these steps to connect your Google+ page to Google Maps:

  • Create a local Google+ page for your business and verify it.
  • Next, log in to Google+ and select “Pages” in the left hand navigation bar, followed by “Manage this page on the local page.” The local page looks almost similar to your current page. It includes a verification shield next to the name of the page. If you take the cursor over the shield, it will display “Verified local business."

Google Gives Directions to Connect Google+ Business Pages to Local Business Listing on Google Maps

  • On the top left corner, choose Dashboard and click on Settings.
  • Go to the "Profile" section and click on “Connect a different page.”
  • Select the page which you want to connect to Maps and click on Next.
  • A list will appear listing the changes to the new page which you are connecting to Google Maps and the previous page you are disconnecting from Maps.
  • All done click on Confirm.

Google Gives Directions to Connect Google+ Business Pages to Local Business Listing on Google Maps

The new Google+ page will display the name, verification badge, business information (hours, phone number, etc.) and reviews from the former local page. It will no longer display prior owner responses to local reviews. Within a few hours of connecting the page, your existing reviews will start showing. The newly connected page will retain the followers, posts, managers and the custom URL of your page and the ad campaigns associated with the page will be removed. You can start a new AdWords campaign by visiting http://www.adwords.google.com/express.

Once you have connected the page to Google Maps, the previous local page will no longer appear on Google Maps and will not display local business information and reviews. The page will be renamed to “the backup of” followed by the page name. But, the page will still appear on Google+ and retain the followers, posts, managers and the custom URL. The page will have no more AdWords Express campaigns associated to it.

If you want to delete the former Google+ page, make sure you have deleted all the YouTube channels connected to it. When you delete a page, everything gets deleted including all photos, videos, the page's profile, as well as all records of the followers and managers of the page. You can delete the page only if you are the owner of the page. Follow these steps to delete a page:

  • Make sure you are using Google+ as your page.
  • In the Dashboard select Settings.
  • At the bottom of the Settings page click on Delete page.
  • Finally confirm you want to delete this page.

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