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This observation made by SEOmoz’s Dr. Peter Meyers only confirms what the search professionals have been observing for quite some time now. Google is testing to show only 7 SERPs instead of the traditional 10 listings. Another thing that has been noticed is that most of these results are from the same domain. In other words- the search results are shrinking and how! To this observation, Google has been quoted on the internet- “We’re continuing to work out the best ways to show multiple results from a single site when it’s clear users are interested in that site. Separately, we’re also experimenting with varying the number of results per page, as we do periodically.”


A search of ‘Page Traffic Buzz’ came up with 7 listings. Here is the screen shot:

Google Displaying 7 Listings not 10, Same Domain Results Dominate!

Dr. Peter Meyers’ post notes this as he did a research on rankings using a turbulence prediction tool. And he observed that 20% of the Google SERPs came up with only 7 listings and not 10.

Google Displaying 7 Listings not 10, Same Domain Results Dominate!

Meyers also noted that if the search query matches a domain, then the SERPs have only 7 results and more importantly the domain’s result shows sitelinks. However, it was later noted that the 7 results are not linked with a brand match, but that the 7 listings were tied together with the ‘sitelinks’.

Most Results for the Same Domain

Another observation being made is that the majority of listings on the SERPs are all from the same site.

Google Displaying 7 Listings not 10, Same Domain Results Dominate!

Google is Encouraging More Site Domination?

It was back in 2010 that we observed how Google was showing more results from the same domain in SERPs. And later the search engine also confirmed that sometimes a domain could also dominate all the results. This latest 7 listings in SERPs and more of the same domain results being observed now means that probably Google is again expanding on its site domination plan. 

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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