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Google has dropped the overt link to Google+. Back in time, Google was on a spree of promoting Google+ and for that added a link to the social sharing service from many of its other properties, including Gmail, YouTube, and the main search page for logged-in users. But that train has come to a halt now.

Google has removed the plus sign from the +(name) label that used to show up in the upper right hand corner in the lieu of many icons and labels. The hyperlink to Google+ no longer exists, however the name is still there. You still can navigate to the social network by clicking on the grid of services next to your name.

This step marks the continuity in the trend of Google stepping back from its previous favored treatment of Google+ which once was on heights, so much so that creation of a Google+ account was mandatory when creating accounts for other Google services. Google also made many efforts to integrate Google+ into its full product line, including the Gmail contact management, a Google+ share box on Google’s main search page and display of Google+ authors in search results. But much of that integration has been removed, dialed back or de-emphasized in the last year.

In fact Google also hasn’t reported Google+ active user metrics since October 2013 and has stopped making a big deal about it. Google+ is also not mentioned during events like I/O conference. Last week, removed Photos, one of Google+’s most popular features, from the social network was relaunched as a standalone property, further pressurizing the “tale” of Google+ decline and neglect.

However, the executive in charge of Google+, Bradley Horowitz, last week came to the defence of the network in an interview. Horowitz pointed to new Google+ features such as Collections and said Google would continue to make changes to the network, doubling down on popular elements and getting rid of things that aren’t working.

“No, Google Plus is not dead,” Horowitz said. “In fact, it’s got more signs of life than it’s had in some time.”

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