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Google is moving a large number of listings from the old dashboard to the new one and in doing so is encountering issues of duplicate listings. These are business listings which have been claimed in more than one account or in multiple ways. To resolve the issue Google is sending out warning e-mails to businesses, instructing them on how to repair the duplication and continue with the up-gradation.

A snippet of the e-mail reads:

“We’d like to inform you that Google Places no longer accommodates more than one authorized owner per business location. Your account contains one or more listings that have been identified as duplicates of other listings and as a result, some of the information you provide will not be shown to Google users anymore…”

Google's Jade Wang recently posted in Google Business Help detailing the problem and instructing business owners on how to address the issue.

Wang says that the issue of duplicate listings can develop because of the following reasons:

  • You or someone in your organization used different accounts to verify the Google Places listing and the local page in Google+.
  • You verified same business in both Google Places and in Google+ using the same account.
  • You might have verified the page multiple times using accounts you control.

Google confirmed that Google Places no longer supports multiple verified accounts for the same business location. Business owners can view the duplicate listing by signing in to Google Places for Business Dashboard. All the duplicate listings are marked under “You cannot update this listing because it has been marked as a duplicate of another.”

Google instructs that if you want to remove the duplicate listing all you have to do is:

  • Access the dashboard for the business you wish to remove.
  • Select the Gear icon.
  • Click on Remove this listing.

You can also use the Learn More link on your dashboard to request the current owner for administrative access of the listing or contact Google Support directly to restore your account's access to the listing. If you want, you can also keep the duplicate listing instead of the active one. For this, first you have to remove the active listing from the account and then contact the Google Support team to make your duplicate listing active again.

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