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Google is expanding its app indexing program to all Android apps. The search engine giant said in a blog post, it will announce a new set of features to app indexing at the Google I/O this week. This will make it easier to set up deep links in your app, connect your site to your app, and keep track of performance and potential errors.

Google introduced the app indexing feature back in 2013 allowing developers to index apps just like websites. You could connect the two so that android users searching via smartphones and tablets could easily find and reach the app content.

Google Expands its App Indexing Program to All Android Apps

Google has simplified the process to get app deep links indexed. If an app supports HTTP deep linking schemes, you just need to add deep link support to your app, connect your site and your app, and your work is done.

Google recommends developers to publish their app deep links, even if their app only supports a custom deep link scheme. The links can either be published by inserting a rel=alternate element in the section of each web page, in the sitemap to specify app URIs or by simply using the App indexing API.

Google has also added a new feature in Webmaster Tools to provide assistance while debugging any issue that arise during app indexing. It will display the type of errors detected for the app page-web page pairs, along with example app URIs for debugging.

Google Expands its App Indexing Program to All Android Apps

Google will also give detailed instructions on how to debug each issue, including a QR code for the app deep links for easier view on the phone. It will send you Webmaster Tools error notifications as well to stay updated.

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