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Webmasters often have a lot of questions regarding penalty reconsideration requests and backlink-related issues. Here are some issues that have been explained on.

Google Explains Common Reconsideration Requests and Backlinks Questions!

Reconsideration Requests

When a website violates quality guidelines regarding spam and affects search results in adverse manner, it is penalized manually. You are notified of the penalties through Google Webmaster Tools dashboard. You can file a request for reconsideration after taking remedial steps and ensuring that the website conforms to quality guidelines.

Google will consider such a request only when a site has been manually penalized. If the ranking has dropped after an algorithmic update, such request won’t be considered. In some cases, you may not see a message in GWT, but find issues with the site after debugging. You can find a reconsideration request in such a case as well after resolving the problem.

Cleaning up Backlinks

Google provides several tools such as GWT and Google Analytics to analyze your backlinks.  You can find backlinks earned during a certain period of time. The tools can tell about the domain authority of links pointing to your website. You may need to get the spammy, auto generated, or low quality backlinks removed to avoid possible penalties.

If it doesn't help, you can use Link Disavow tool of Google. However, be sure to double check the integrity of each backlink before you use the tool.

Sending a Reconsideration Request

Send a detailed reconsideration request. Adequate documentation does improve the chances of success. It demonstrates to the staff with Google the efforts you have put in to get the penalty removed.  They are also able to understand your problem better.

When a request has been submitted, you are notified immediately in GWT. It won’t usually take more than a few days for Google to analyze your request. However, depending on the number of request currently being processed by Google, the duration may increase to a few weeks.  The requests tend to take a jump when Google is updating its algorithms, so it may take longer at that time.

Outcome of a Reconsideration Request

Webmasters are informed about the outcome of reconsideration request through a message. It will either inform you about the manual action being revoked or that the quality guidelines are being violated by the site.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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