May 16, 2014 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

Google announced on Google+ the extension of its Knowledge Graph to Google Maps, with a new feature called Quick Facts. Now, every time you search for a location, the new Quick Facts feature will appear on the left side of the map, below the address and directions.

Google Extends Knowledge Graphs to Google Maps with “Quick Facts”

In this example provided by Google, when you search for "Angkor Wat" in Cambodia, Google immediately prompts some quick facts about it, like it was the first Hindu temple and the largest religious monument in the world. Below this appear brief snippets about construction date, architectural style and function. Apart from the information, each Quick Facts card holds additional links, on which you can click to search further and learn more.

Most of the data in the Quick Facts section is taken from Wikipedia and Google Knowledge Graph. Users can expand or minimize Quick Facts card, to view or hide the information on a place. The Quick Facts feature is confined to the desktop users as of now, but it is most likely that Google will soon extend it to Google Maps' mobile apps.

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