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Day 2 of the SES San Francisco laid quite an emphasis on social media. Morning's session titled- Google + Facebook = Success: Getting More Lift With Social Media- was addressed by-

  • Russ Mann, Founder & CEO, Covario
  • Alex Funk, Senior Manager, Paid Media, Covario

The session kicked off with some latest statistics as to how much more important social is now. Russ Mann stressed on the increasing relevance of social media, with focus on Facebook. He gave out the following facts to make his stand clear-

  • Social networking has evolved. It is now grown and matured.
  • Most social networks have leveled off in population and growth
  • On Facebook, 65 million people "Like" things everyday.
  • On Twitter, there are close to 200 million tweets everyday.
  • All this content is enough content to fill a 10 million page book.
  • Facebook is leading the social media charge. But other social players are also spreading fast.

Keeping the increasing spread and relevance of social media in mind. He then underlined the benefits of Social Media- again backed by numbers and figures. With social media there is an increase in :

  • Customer Engagement – 85.4%
  • Direct Customer Communication – 65%
  • Speedy Feedback – 59.9%
  • Learning Customer Preferences – 59.1%
  • Cost Effectiveness – 59.1%
  • Building The Brand – 48.2%
  • Aids In Market Research – 42.3%
  • Credibility of the "crowd" – 40.1%
  • Helps In Research – 37.2%
  • Great Lead Generation – 21.2%
  • Customer Services – 17.5%

Russ, then went on to explain that social is both a panel and a channel. It is quite different from search.

Search is silent. Social is vocal.
Search is behavioral. Search is emotional.

And more importantly- search and social have merged.

This trend is evident in Google's results. And also Bing's.

In search, you target terms, while in social, you hyper-target the additional information generated by the users. User generated content is what social targets. When the user says something-shares his mind, you get a chance to understand the user. That is why, the need of the hour is to create a comprehensive program- with both search and social.

The speakers then moved on to explaining, how you have to build a search and social campaign. The approach has to be holistic. The first thing to do before making a campaign is to define your goals. Where do you want to be-after a certain period of time? The basic goals of social media can be:

  • To increase your reach. Reach out to more people-wider audience and perspective customers.
  • Be in the news, generate interest in yourself. Be Top Mind.
  • To grow your audience. Get more people to join in after seeing you being recommended by their fellows.
  • To be able to communicate with your customers. Interacting with them will give you a chance to know who your customers are, what they want, their likes or disliked regarding your product/services.
  • To learn from the valuable feedback given by the customers.
  • To increase consumer engagement and Online/Offline conversions

Now that you have set these goals, and formulate a holistic plan, the next important thing is to optimize your Key Performance Indicator- KPI. You can optimize between 3-6 KPIs at a time.

Social Media – Measuring Success
Your campaign is successful if you are able to motivate the customer towards:

Awareness: When your target audience/customer gets to know about you/your services-through a paid ad, sponsored account or a fan page.

Consideration: When, your audience takes a step further to know about the service in their area.

Conversion: When the 'sale' is generated or a 'lead' is created. It is the completion of your entire effort. Search and social combined.

Russ then spoke how the search engine marketing keywords, constituting the audience interests and their categories, will lead you to know your user better. And consequently, refine your search.

The key is to know your audience. Use the above tips to get a better picture of your audience. Only then can you take your social campaign to the next level- that is using the social media campaign data  to support any of the paid campaigns that you are working on. This will lead to better traffic and conversion, as the data will tell you what your audience wants and is interested in.

He outlined the change after social media in this manner- “What was 'People, Process, and Technology' is now 'Strategy, Structure, and System'. So, in the new scenario, inquire, engage, and maximize are the keys to a successful social media campaign.”

To conclude, Russ Mann and Alex Funk gave the following takeaways-

  • Be Honest  (be upfront about who you are and what you offer)
  • Don't ride unrelated trends  (streamline your audience)
  • Ask relevant questions (what does your customer really want from your brand)
  • Offer Perk/rewards (give them an incentive to promote your interests- why should they Re-tweet)
  • Recycling is bad (you would not like to read the same story again and again)
  • Timely communication (sort out any queries and complaints quickly)
  • Monitor your spikes, like and dislikes (keep watch to understand how your audience is reacting to you)
  • Don't use as a pure "sales channel" unless that's understood (@DellOutlet)

The Q and A session resulted in these additional tips- You can do better in social with good quality content, testing, and data. Also, for marketers, Google vs Facebook really doesn't matter. We need both.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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