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As India is gearing up for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections with around 800 million people entitled to vote in the coming April, Google India has brought some significant overhauls to the Google Elections Hub. The search engine announced in a blog post that the Elections Hub “Politics and Elections” has been supplemented with several new features to keep the voters in pace with the recent updates in the election news.

The revamped hub covers the “Pledge to Vote” campaign, the “Google Score” tool, Search trends infographics, YouTube elections playlists and a Google+ Hangout with politicians.

  • Pledge to Vote: With the first ever “Pledge to Vote” map for India you can share why you pledge to vote this year apart from learning why fellow citizens across India are committing to vote. The map tool narrates the story of Shyam Negi, the 97 years old first voter of independent India, who has never missed a chance to vote in the last 66 years. You can also make a customizable video on why are you going to vote this year and share it on the platform.

Google Facelifts Elections Hub to Stir Up Voters' Interest in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections

  • Google Score and Infographics: The Google Score tool calculates the amount of search activity for a particular politician in the last 24 hours. It indicates how Google and YouTube have been used in the last one day to receive information about an election candidate along with the amount of engagement related to him on Google+. It also displays a list of five most popular politicians based on the results of Google Scores of the previous days.

Google Facelifts Elections Hub to Stir Up Voters' Interest in the 2014 Lok Sabha Elections

  • Hangout Series: Google is working towards organizing a direct interaction between citizens and the potential leaders via Google+ Hangouts. It allows around 9 participants to engage in a video chat with an electorate, which is later broadcasted on YouTube. In the past, politicians like Narendra Modi and P Chidambaram have successfully interacted with citizens on various topics using this platform. The most recent one in the series is BJP leader Arun Jaitley.
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