Jul 29, 2015 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

This step of Google may delight local shoppers. The search engine has introduced a new search feature to show local stores when they are busiest. For now, only people using Android mobile devices will be able to access the feature.

According to a Google communication, the search giant sources the data on a store’s foot traffic from people who have agreed to location sharing. Such information is kept completely anonymous and nothing is tracked from people who haven’t opted into it on their own.

The data is limited to businesses where users are commonly worried about them getting busy. The data will appear for locations with Google Maps listings that receive regular foot traffic.

For local businesses Google starting display of foot traffic data about their business means people are either searching for them, or visiting their brick-and-mortar store. However, store owners who do not appreciate Google displaying their store’s foot traffic data have no way to opt out of it as Google believes the data is helpful from the searchers’ point of view.

Businesses must take heart from the fact that the data may drive more foot traffic during off-peak hours.

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