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Google has finally launched its eagerly awaited Google Finance service. Great, its celebration time for Google and its users. Earlier, those looking for financial information via Google have been sent to other players such as MSN and Yahoo!. Now, Google's users can avail the financial information directly from Google. With such a huge demand for financial information, it had become indispensable for Google to launch Google Finance. So, Google Finance is here, to do wonder for both provider and user.

Actually, Google Finance is an early beta product which offers an expanded range of information about North American stocks, various mutual funds and public and private companies along with informative charts, news and fundamental financial data. This is a beta product which means that the product is still being tested and refined. You can also give your suggestions by joining the Google finance discussion group.

This big bang will usher a new era of finance information. Its quite advanced and different from others. With this service you can avail the stock charts with news events. This chart would give you a clear cut idea over sudden changes in the market. So, make the right move at right time. With the help of a slider you can change Google's stock charts on the fly without reloading the page. You can also get the information and blog search results about the various companies listed in the financial area. Well, Yahoo! Finance has been providing this service for quite a while now.

Besides, getting the news from Google News, you can also tap into its Google Blog Search results to give your suggestions and opinions from outside the mainstream media.

In the beginning, Google Finance will cover only companies in North America, but as Google said it plans to expand "very quickly" to other countries and regions of the world in the future.

Like always, Google has been striving to offer better than others. Katie Jacobs Stanto, a senior product manager at Google quoted, "Google is definitely an international company, and we want to make sure we are addressing the needs of all our users."

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