Google Finance Vs Yahoo! Finance

Mar 22, 2006 | 6,490 views | by PageTraffic
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As Google launched its new finance site on tuesday, the already existing Yahoo! Finance take a few steps ahead by introducing new information, multimedia and style features to its finance site. Yahoo! leads the market in terms of its finance category, having an enormous user base of nearly 12 million who visited the site last month. According to the Netratings, Yahoo! is on a verge of expansion which would make its stock charts more convincing.

But to compete with Yahoo!,Google's financial site comes with some unique features which makes the use of Flash technology to make the stock charts look more dynamic as compared to the Yahoo! finance. Moreover, they can keep a track of a trajectory from one to five days, one to six months, or even for several years. That's sounds cool!

Yahoo! on the contrary still lags behind even though they are old in the finacial scene. So, let the users decide who's better, and as for Yahoo! Buck up! 

3.thumbnail Google Finance Vs Yahoo! Finance


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3.thumbnail Google Finance Vs Yahoo! Finance
3.thumbnail Google Finance Vs Yahoo! Finance