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This holiday season Google has made travel planning easier by adding filters to show the expected increase in the cost of the air tickets, hotel discounts, and making travel planning easier on mobile. The announcement was made officially in a blog post.

"Whether you're heading home for the holidays or escaping to some exotic destination, one of the most time-consuming and stressful parts of travel planning is finding the right flight and hotel. Sixty-nine percent of U.S. leisure travelers worry that they're not finding the best price or making the best decision while booking a trip — making this kind of purchase more worrisome than financial investments, home improvements or electronics purchases.*"

Choosing The Right Flight Is Easier

Google Flights will help you book your flight at the right time and at right price. Google will now show when an increase is expected in the airfare of the flights and routes you have chosen.

"After selecting a specific flight, a notification may appear letting you know when the current fare is expected to expire and how much you can save if you book now. For example, this flight to San Diego is likely to cost more in eight hours — and you would likely save $87 if you book before then."

Google Flights Showing Expected Airfare Increase & Hotel Deals

Uncover the Best Hotel Deals

You can now find better deals on hotels in the location of your choice. Google will also notify when saving are available for loyalty members on hotel’s website.

"We already label deals when a hotel’s price is lower than usual compared to historical pricing, or if there are discounts to the normal rate for those dates. Now if you want to only look at hotel deals — say, to ring in the new year in Paris — just tap in the upper left to filter for Deals and voilà!"

Google Flights Showing Expected Airfare Increase & Hotel Deals

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