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Google recently began displaying flash warnings to mobile users within the search results in US English. This was supposedly expanded on a global scale earlier in October, when Pierre Far from Google made the announcement regarding the flash warnings on his personal page in Google+.

Google now seems to be notifying webmasters of the change on its International Google Webmasters blogs. Johannes Mehlem from Google’s Dublin office posted a link on Google+ to the Google Ireland blog regarding the change and the notice being posted on the blog. Many localized versions of the Google Webmaster blogs were also posted here.

Google Goes Global About the Flash Warnings Issued to Mobile Users

The image above warns the visitors that the website uses flash and may not work on their device.

Johannes Mehlem from Google on a forum discussion at Google+ said:

“Pierre mentioned that this snippet can be seen for Spanish searchers on google.es and Japanese searches on google.co.jp next to English queries on google.co.uk. Today, we are launching this for more non-English queries.”

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