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A Marxist parody site The People's Cube has said to be trashed from Google's index. It was noticed last week when a blog named as Little Green Footballs made some controversial statements regarding the issue. The matter made many of them to supress a comedic view of marxism.

Soon afterwards, a statement was posted by Matts Cutts  which although had no content, but was full of important keywords, links and hidden CSS text. However, Matt's suggestion said that the site should purge the spam first, followed by a re-inclusion request. Seems to be quite relevant. He also said that one should be more modest and sincere while making their re-inclusion requests, as it would be helpful for them.

He took some of the lines of the lines of the re-inclusion requests from the People's Cube which goes in the following manner:

“Dear comrades at Google . . .
We suspect it is also a deliberate removal – much in the spirit of 1984-style historical revisionism – removal of a “people’s enemy” from life and history. …. We can only think of three reasons for this:
1. Google is retaliating against sites that ridiculed its Google China project.
2. Google has begun to implement its Google China policies in the rest of the free world.
3. A left-leaning Google employee who’s got access to the database was suffering a nervous breakdown over the mockery of Marxism on our site, and so he or she dastardly removed/blocked The People’s Cube, hoping to “improve” the public discourse by silencing the competition.

You tell me which one it is.”

He has said that this would be the best re-inclusion request he has made till date. Looks so!

However, the whole situation seems to be a big joke because never in the life time the site would have faced such an exposure. So what, even if the site has been removed from Google's index, atleast people like us came to know about it. Really hilarious.



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