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Google has just made the Search Queries in Webmaster Tools more cohesive for the webmasters who have a mobile site on a separate URL that from the desktop. When you will view your m.site* on Search Queries and set the Filter to "Mobile" from Dec 31, 2013, you will see:

  • Queries where m.pages appeared in the search results for mobile browsers
  • Queries where Google had applied Skip Redirect. As a result, while the search results displayed the desktop URL, user was automatically directed to corresponding m.version of the URL. This will save the user from latency of a server-side redirect.

Google Improves Search Queries Stats of Mobile Sites in Webmaster Tools

Maile Ohye, on the Google Webmaster Central blog stated "Prior to this Search Queries improvement, Webmaster Tools reported Skip Redirect impressions with the desktop URL. Now we’ve consolidated information when Skip Redirect is triggered, so that impressions, clicks, and CTR are calculated solely with the verified m. site, making your mobile statistics more understandable".

If you have a separate m.site, here the few search-friendly practices recommended:

  • Follow Google's advice on Building Smartphone-Optimized Websites
    • Go to the desktop page and add a special link rel="alternate" tag, which is pointing to the corresponding mobile URL.
    • On the mobile page, add a link rel="canonical" tag that is pointing to the corresponding desktop URL.
    • If your server is automatically redirecting the users on the basis of their user device/agent, use the HTTP Vary: User-Agent header
  • For site specific improved communication & troubleshooting information, verify the ownership of desktop and mobile sites in Webmaster Tools
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Navneet Kaushal
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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal

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