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Recently, Google rolled out Ad Customizers for helping large scale PPC advertisers scale text ad creative. This new feature shows highly relevant ads to advertiser’s customers, even when sometimes they have over thousands of products, promotions and services changing by the day.

Ad customizers use a number of inputs including information about the advertiser’s business details like price, product and promotional timing on campaigns, keywords or ad groups for generating timely and relevant ads.

The new “business data” section in AdWords stores the information and advertisers can access it from here whenever needed. Advertisers can easily create their ad with customizers. AdWords will take the most relevant product information in response to the customer’s search and insert it into the ad text of the advertiser.

The new feature can be used in a number of ways, including;

  • An ad can be created with hundreds of variations to show the most relevant ad to the customer.

Google Introduces Ad Customizers for Large Scale PPC Campaigns

  • It also shows real-times call to action i.e. informing customers when time is running out on a promotion as explained in the screen-shot below:

Google Introduces Ad Customizers for Large Scale PPC Campaigns

  • It also helps in optimizing workflow letting the advertisers spend less time in developing ad copy and re-submitting ads as AdWords will create relevant ads for advertisers.

AdWords, in its help files has given more examples on how to use the feature if an advertiser wishes to target by keyword, update their ads based on recurring events, use customizers across ad groups or campaigns or count down to a one time event.

Ad customizers will save the advertiser’s time by showing more relevant ads to customers which helps in driving performance on text ads.

The new feature will be globally rolling out over the next few weeks.

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