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Google has introduced the Upgrade Center, which will make it easier for advertisers with lots of campaigns to easily upgrade to enhanced campaigns. 

Enhanced campaigns help marketers in reaching out to people with the ads based on their location, device type, and time of day- removing the need of setting up and managing several individual campaigns. 

The newly launched Upgrade Center will enable marketers to upgrade several campaigns at once and merge them together within a few clicks. AdWords team will be rolling out the Upgrade Center to all the accounts over the new few weeks. It will be present at the left-hand navigation bar on the campaigns tab.

Google Introduces the New AdWords Upgrade Center for an Easy Up gradation to Enhanced Campaigns!

Using the Upgrade Center:

There are two basic ways of using the Upgrade Center; Bulk upgrade and Merge & Upgrade

Bulk Upgrade

It is a faster way to upgrade multiple campaigns, which you do not want to merge. Instead of upgrading campaigns at a time, you can now select multiple campaigns, choose mobile bid adjustment, see traffic estimates, and upgrade within a few clicks.

Merge and Upgrade

If you have search-only or search+display campaigns with similar location targets and keywords, the Upgrade Center will automatically identify them as potential candidates to merge. You will see the preview of the campaigns and change the settings, ad grounds & extensions. The ad groups and budgets will be combined by default. Please note that the other campaign level settings & extensions in Primary campaign will override the settings & extensions in Secondary campaign.

Google Introduces the New AdWords Upgrade Center for an Easy Up gradation to Enhanced Campaigns!

Google recommends that once you have created new enhanced campaigns, upgrade the extensions for increased control, relevance, and flexibility. You should also add back important things keywords, extensions, location targets, and negatives from the Secondary campaign, which was left behind during the merge.

The team however suggests that you upgrade display-only campaigns instead of merging them together. The tool still lacks in the ability to merge image ads, audience targeting criteria, and several other display specific campaign elements.

The Upgrade Center also has an advanced mode, which lets you view all the campaigns in your account and provides more flexibility & less guidance in case you already have a merge and upgrade strategy.

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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