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In an AdWords blog post, Google announced that cross device conversions will be soon included automatically in the Conversions column. This will provide the complete view of the performance and measure the full value of mobile. This feature will begin rolling out on September 6, 2016.

Google said, “In fact, 61% of internet users and over 80% of online millennials start shopping on one device but continue or finish on a different one. We introduced cross-device conversions three years ago to help marketers fully measure multi-device consumer journeys that start with an ad click on one device or browser and end with a conversion on another. Last year, we also made cross-device conversions more actionable by allowing them to be included in the Conversions column and integrated into your automated bidding and attribution models.”

Users will no longer see the setting to manually include cross-include conversions in the Conversions column. Post August 16, 2016, all new AdWords accounts will have cross device conversions column as default.

Google further said, “Advertisers across the world and in different industries have measured up to 16% more conversions on average by using cross-device insights to get a more accurate and comprehensive view of performance.”

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Ritu Sharma
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