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Google+ pushed into Pinterest’s territory today by introducing a new feature to enable users to organize content by category. The Google+’s new feature is called Collections, and is pretty similar to Pinterest Boards, which gives people the ability to create a space for their favorite things, categorized by topics. Collections can be shared publicly, privately or with a set of defined users on Google+. Collections can be followed and the user followed posts within Collections will appear in their home feeds on Google+. After a user of page creates a Collection, a Collection tab will appear on given profile.

Here is a screenshot of how it looks:-

Google+ Introduces Collections To Enable Users Organize Content Like Pinterest!

Google’s Dmitry Shapiro announced the launch in a Google+ post, using very Pinterest-like language:

“Our happiest Google+ users are those who connect with others around shared interests and passions. So we set out to give people a place to express the things they love.”

This new feature will surely garner some love from marketers as well. Now brands and businesses will finally be able to create topic-based feeds on Google+. Previously, marketers would have had to create separate Google+ Pages for each topic or vertical. This step was adopted by few social media professionals, but being able to give fans the ability to follow specific categories is a valuable feature.

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