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Google has announced two data feed enhancements to Google Merchant Center. One would improve efficiency for large retailers, while the other would facilitate small retailers get on board.

The first is online product inventory feeds, a new feed type that supports quick updation of price, availability and sale price of key products. This is particularly helpful for large retailers who are likely to make frequent changes to these attributes.

The system will allow the retailers to submit new information for price and availability continuously, preferably in small subset of products for faster processing. The advantage of small subsets is that the full product feed will not be impacted in case of an error in the processing of online inventory feed.

The second is Google Sheets add-on, a Sheets extension that links the retailer’s spreadsheet directly to Merchant Center for a quicker and easier upload. This will boost smaller retailers who want to begin operations quickly with shopping ads.

Google Introduces Two Data Feed Enhancements to Google Merchant Center

Thanks to the newly introduced mechanism, products can be validated directly from Sheets. The sidebar in the add-on allows the retailers to validate individual rows or the entire Google Sheet, displaying any errors and warnings before data feed is uploaded. From the sidebar, entire spreadsheet can be uploaded into Merchant Center. This results in immediate feedback on feed processing with the results of upload displayed directly in the sidebar.

Data feed holds the key to product promotion on Google Merchant Center, letting the shoppers know a merchant has exactly what they are looking for. The two new features will help merchants seamlessly update ads.

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