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Google Introduces Enhanced Admin Access and User Permissions for Analytics!

A new system for user access control and user permissions is being introduced to Google Analytics in the next few weeks. The announcement that Analytics users will receive greater flexibility of access was made yesterday. 

This update will be especially helpful for those who have multiple accounts or profiles added in a single Analytics accounts. This will provide ease of use to employers who wish to offer different levels of access or roles to different employees to operate the company's Analytics accounts. 

The limitation of the Older Analytics system:

The user permissions were extremely limited. There was only one level of access available, the Admin access. So if an employer wanted an associate to manage a single profile on Analytics, then he had to provide the associate with complete Admin access. 

Users could have been provided with “View Only” Access per profile. If an employer wanted to grant “view only” access to every profile within a property, then each profile had to be manually selected under the property and granted access. 

The advantages of the enhancement update:

User Permissions at all levels: For a very long time now Analytics users have been asking for an increased user permissions access. With the new update Analytics will allow a user to set different access levels at every step. It allows users to have admin rights related to specific properties, profiles and even the complete account. The employers do not have to be concerned about an associate having full admin access to the Analytics accounts. 

Google Introduces Enhanced Admin Access and User Permissions for Analytics!

Different levels of access: An Analytics user will have the enhanced ability to provide different access specific to each level. “ For example, one user can have full access to an entire account, another user can have edit and view access to a single property, and a third user could have view only access to a set of profiles.”

The only tricky part is is where admin accesses inherits permissions from the parent account. In simpler works, if a user has complete admin access, then he has full access. This particular user cannot have limited “view” access to specific properties under the said account. 

New user role addition of “Manage users”: the older Analytics had two access levels, one was “admin” and the other one was “view only”. With the update, a user will enjoy having a third role addition known as “manage users”. The “manage users” gives permission to a user to add and delete other users as well as assign permissions to them. This role is completely different from the “view” and “edit” roles. 

Very neat! With this update a user can give limited access to certain associate or agency so that do not mix up or goof up other profile added in an Analytics account. The above said updates may not be visible immediately, however, Google is working on migrating old Analytics account to the new one. 

Enjoy the new controls and do let us know how they workout for you!

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Navneet Kaushal

Navneet Kaushal

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Navneet Kaushal
Navneet Kaushal
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