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Structured Data dashboard has become one of the most popular features of Webmaster Tools since its launch last year. To expand it further, Google has introduced a new feature that will make it easier for users to debug the issues and see how Google understands marked-up content on a website.

An "item" in the feature represents one top-level structured data element, tagged in the HTML code. The items are grouped on the basis of data type and ordered according to number of errors.

Google Introduces New Markup Error Reports to Structured Data Dashboard

A separate scale for errors is also added on the right side of the graph on dashboard, which will let it easier to compare items and errors. This will help in identifying the connections between changes you have made on the website and the markup errors (appearing or disappearing).

Data pipelines have been updated for a comprehensive reporting, so you will see a fewer data points in the chronological graph.

Debugging Markup Implementation Errors

1. To find out an issue with specific content type, all you have to do is click on it & the feature will show the markup errors found for that type. You can see all the results at once or filter the error type.

Google Introduces New Markup Error Reports to Structured Data Dashboard

2. Next step is checking if the markup meets the implementation guidelines for each content type.

3. On clicking the URLs in the table, you will see the details of the markup detected when the page was crawled last time and what is missing. Users can also test the markup in Structured Data Testing Tool by using the "Test live data" button.

Google Introduces New Markup Error Reports to Structured Data Dashboard

4. Fix the issues and use the Structured Data Testing Tool to test the new implementation. The changes will be reflected in Structured Data dashboard after the pages are crawled and processed again.

Google will continue to add more error types to the new feature in the coming month. You can refer to Webmaster Help forum for comments and question related to the new feature.

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