Feb 27, 2015 113 reads by Ritu Sharma

Google announced it is now bringing paid search results for mobile apps over the Google Play Store. This update enables the mobile developers to pay and promote their app on the Google Play Store and have it featured when people are searching for apps from or related to that category.

Google Introduces Paid Search Results For Mobile Apps At Google Play Store!

Google Play Search ads will initially begin as a pilot program. A limited group of advertisers, already running Google search ads for their apps, will be able to use this feature first. Ads will hence be delivered to a select audience, with no further information given as to how the audience test group will be determined. Google has plans to expand this program in the coming months as it analyzes results and monitors feedback.

With this new update, both users and advertisers will be benefited. Developers will be able to put forth their app in front of larger audience and users will be able to access apps they otherwise would have missed. Along with this announcement, Google also pointed out that over a billion people now download apps from Google Play, and the company paid out $7 billion to developers last year.

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