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Google has announced the launch of a new premium programmatic marketplace, called Google Partner Select to connect a select set of publishers who invest in high quality videos with the brands who want to buy against it.

According to a blog post by Neal Mohan, Vice President of Display and Video Advertising Products at Google, publishers are increasingly investing in powerful and high quality videos and brand marketers want to buy against this content. Data released by eMarketer reveals that the spending on video ads has increased from $4 billion in 2013 to around $6 billion this year. But a major obstacle to this growth is the inability of brands to access this content easily. Brands and agencies find it difficult to discover high quality videos they are looking for. Publishers are also on the lookout for a platform through which they can connect with the top brands with ease.

Keeping this demand in mind, Google has introduced the Google Partner Select to make it easier for brands and publishers to accomplish this mission. One among the many publishers who will be selling their premium video inventory through Google Partner Select is Time Inc. Talking about the announcement J.R. McCabe SVP, Video, Time Inc. said, “Video has become central to our strategy, and being able to sell premium video programmatically to top brand partners is a requirement in this dynamic marketplace. We are looking forward to working with Google to enable this technology and to develop this premium marketplace.”

Because Partner Select makes it necessary to have the right buying technologies in place, Google is also allowing brands and publishers to carry out direct, reservation based sales via the DoubleClick platform. In Google’s own words, “This new option is meant to help streamline what today can be a cumbersome process, involving days of back-and-forth negotiations, dozens of phone calls and sometimes, yes, a fax machine. We hope brands and publishers will be able to spend less time on logistics and more time building partnerships and winning creative and content.”

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