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Google has introduced Structured Snippets which is a new feature that incorporates facts into individual result snippets in Web Search. This announcement was made on the Google Research Blog yesterday.

Google will display snippets of data which is relevant to the query within the search results’ snippets. The data is powered by the Knowledge Graph. Given below is a screen shot to explain what exactly does it look like.

Google Introduces Structured Snippets in Search Results

Google said that their WebTables research team has been working to extract and understand tabular data on the Web to surface particularly relevant data to users. Structured Snippets is used to seamlessly provide relevant information to the user. Google uses machine learning techniques to distinguish data tables on the Web from uninteresting tables. Google also said that it uses additional algorithms for determining quality as well as relevance to display up to four highly ranked facts from those data tables.

Google also provided another example of a structured snippet for the search term “superman” on a mobile phone:

Google Introduces Structured Snippets in Search Results

Users will now be able to see structured data under Google search results on both mobile and desktop.

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