May 19, 2006 113 reads by Candid SEO

Google is getting aggressive in Japan where the search market is dominated by Yahoo!. Google has finalized an agreement with KDDI Corporation to become the mobile search provider of choice for KDDI’s EZ Web service for au mobile phones.

The mobile partnership with KDDI will include Mobile AdWords which will serve Google’s text advertisements along with mobile search results.

The tie-up will lead not only to the improvement of existing search engines, which target content aimed exclusively at mobile phones, but provide an extensive search service that also targets content aimed at PCs. In addition, KDDI's content information management will enable users more direct access to the information they seek. Consider, for example, a search for information about an artist: In the past, a search would turn up links to relevant content in officially designated categories, forcing the user to perform further searches in each category. However, the new service will provide direct access to music, applications, books and magazines, shopping and other information related to the artist.

Additionally, through the use of Google's proprietary search technology, text advertisements based on search terms are displayed alongside search results, enabling the provision of targeted information, including advertisements, that addresses the needs of au users.

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